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The Professionals – Law Of The Land
ncarnations ‎– Meet Me At Midnight
Jersey Street ‎– Born Again (Remixes)
The Group  Tecnology
Heaven 17 ‎– Let Me Go !
The Brothers Johnson* ‎– I'll Be Good To You
Who's Who ‎– Palace Palace
Boney M. ‎– Sunny
The S.O.S. Band ‎– Take Your Time (Do It Right)
Phoebe Cates ‎– Theme From "Paradise"
Ann Lewis (2) ‎– Boogie Oogie Love Train
B. T. Express ‎– Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
The Beatles ‎– カム・トゥゲザー = Come Together / サムシング = Something
Jan Hammer ‎– Miami Vice Theme
Masahiro Kuwana– Sexual Violet No.1
Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎– Technopolis
Eikichi Yazawa ‎– 時間よ止まれ
かまやつひろし  ‎– 我が良き友よ / ゴロワーズを吸ったことがあるかい
松原みき ‎– ニートな午後3時
Seb Wildblood ‎– Remixes
Various ‎– Footure Classics Vol.1
Prins Thomas ‎– Edmond
Brendon Moeller ‎– Anchor
ブレッド&バター  ‎– Japanese Woman
Jimmy Murakawa ‎– Down? Down, Down!/Stay Outta My World (Re-Edit) / Beauty (Re-Edit)
Yoko Nagayama ‎– Tokyo Snack Mix
Marlene  マリーン ‎– Zanzibar Night  ザンジバル・ナイト
Spectrum      In the space
Ryuichi Sakamoto ‎– War Head
Tatsuro Yamashita ‎– Ride On Time
Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎– Tighten Up
Soft Rocks ‎– Magic Milk
Unknown Artist ‎– Volume 7
M.E.‎– R+B Drunkie
Pat Hodges / Unknown Artist ‎– Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Love At First Bite"
石川セリ ‎– Best
Crue-L Grand Orchestra ‎– Time Moves On / Got To Be Real
David Rostamo ‎– Culture Vulture
Nebraska ‎– Soften The Wireless EP
Dolly Parton ‎– Potential New Boyfriend 12
Second Mission ‎– Kyrieleison (For All Of Us)
Fonda ‎– Rimini
Mahogany Rush ‎– Mahogany Rush IV
Happy Mondays ‎– 24 Hour Party People
Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads ‎– Mushrooms
Mantronix / Liquid Liquid ‎– King Of The Beats / Optimo
Still Going - Work That Shit Party
Elektrons - Dirty Basement
Wham! ‎– Everything She Wants (Remix)
O.S.T. だいじょうぶマイフレンド 
Stevie Wonder ‎– Master Blaster (Jammin')
Jermaine Jackson With Special Guest Devo / Rick James ‎– Let Me Tickle Your Fancy / Hard To Get
 AN-2 ‎– From Now On
Martinez ‎– Desertsweeper
Rockin' Horse ‎– Love Do Me Right / You're So Good For Me
Mariam The Believer ‎– Invisible Giving (Wolf Müller Remixes)
Lucio Battisti ‎– El Velero / Respirando
M.in & David Keno ‎– Can't Feel / I Got Your LoveChroma Oscura ‎– Glow Worms / Soft Crystal
Chroma Oscura ‎– Glow Worms / Soft Crystal
Who's Who featuring Electric Wheels ‎– Roll Jacky Roll
O Terno Feat. Shintaro Sakamoto & Devendra Banhart ‎– Volta E Meia
Chic ‎– I Want Your Love / (Funny) Bone
John Lennon ‎– マインド・ゲームス = Mind Games
James Brown ‎– It's A Man's Man's Man's World/I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Part 1)
荒井由実 ‎– あの日にかえりたい / 卒業写真
Hi-fi Set - Mr Summer time
Waterpark ‎– Data Orb / Nessie’s Revenge
Pitto ‎– Panthers On The Roof EP
Austin Ato ‎– Ella / Putting It In My Way EP
Space System‎– Nocturnal Creatures
Kiki ‎– Trust Me
Yovav  ‎– Caribbean Zen Mode
Hamilton Bohannon ‎– My Name Is Bohannon
Faze Action, Zeke Manyika ‎– Mangwana
Nebraska ‎– Remixes
りりィ  風のいたみ = Wind Pain バイバイセッションバンド
たかしまあきひこ& エレクトリック・シェーバーズ‎ – 「ヒゲ」のテーマ
Denis A ‎– Cuba
Austin Ato ‎– Music Will Save The Day
Project ‎– Love Rescue
Swales ‎– Night Cuisine EP
A Different Jimi ‎– Hi5, Sweet Canfy
Cavaan / ROAЯ ‎– Bitcoin / Santeria
Bent ‎– Comin' Back
Crowdpleaser ‎– Nenekri Remixé
SFPV ‎– Galactic Haulage Edits 1
Lee Marrow ‎– Cannibals (Baa-Boù - Baa Boù)
Michael Jackson ‎– Thriller
Blondie ‎– Rapture
Soft Cell ‎– Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go
Lacarno & Burns ‎– Departure / Nova
Crime ‎– Don't Fake It / Breaking Point
Fuzz Against Junk ‎– Born Under Punches
石川セリ ‎– Best
International Pony ‎– Gothic Girl
Triangle Orchestra ‎– Where's The Tape?
Rocha ‎– Hands Of Love (Fingers Of Sand) (Mugwump Magnet Rekrump Mix)
Richie Rich Meets Jungle Brothers ‎– I'll House You (The Gee St. Reconstruction)
Straight Shooter ‎– My Time - Your Time
Pink Project ‎– Disco Project
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